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Florida Super Con 2010


[June 18-20, 2010 Florida SuperCon] I thought Florida Super Con 2010 was basically a pro/media con with generic science fiction types roaming the hall but no. As predicted there were no party rooms – which was expected. The media stars were all there behind booths so you could walk up and talk any of them. No one was really hounded, so you could just walk up and say hi. The only pic I took was of Dawn Wells (Mary Ann in “Gilligan’s Island”)… But, the whole place was taken over by CosPlayers which was totally unexpected, especially from the web page description of the event. But apparently, it’s the annual CosPlay gathering there. Okay, so now I know. I took pictures, of course.

Florida Super Con 2010


Biscayne Bay, FL 2009


[Dec 24 – Dec 27, 2009, Biscayne Bay, FL] Checking out Florida… Went to the Marriott Biscayne Bay for the weekend. First few shots are from my hotel room window. The rest of the shots were at night cruising down the canal by the cruise ship port on an dinner and drink cruise. It was nice and serene. A little bit on the cool side but was still warm enough (for me anyway)…

Port of Miami sign