Duckon 2001

      [May 11 through 13, 2001, TGN, Lisle, IL] I would say, Duckon as a con is picking up steam again. It is still smaller than the other two Chicagoland cons (Capricon and Windycon), but some of the party rooms were pretty wild… The official eZine-TGN Party Rating is in: 6.0 out of […]

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Duckon IX 2000

      [June 16-18, 2000: TGN, Arlington Heights, IL] Well, the con was really close to a relax-a-con. One would hope that it will improve next year… Need much more room parties!!!!! I took a few pictures from the Klingon track. And, the official eZine-TGN Con Rating is in: 3.5 out of 10. Oh, […]

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Duckon VIII 1999

      [June 11-13, 1999: TGN, Rosemont, IL] “Duckon VIII” had a lot more room parties than last year, which is always good. There were 600+ attendees putting the con in the “well attended” category. There were a bunch of Star Wars characters running around – Jedi and Sith Lords but there were no […]

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Duckon VII 1998

      [June 12-14, 1998: TGN, Rosemont, IL] “Duckon VII” was okay. There were 500+ attendees but hardly saw more than small groups at a time. Again, there was a major lack of room parties, only 1 on Friday and 1 on Saturday. There was a furry track, so there were a lot of […]

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