CONvergence 2011

      [June 30 – July 04, 2011 – Minneapolis, MN, US] Convergence, as good as always. Met a few new friends and promptly got connected via Facebook 🙂 I was having too much fun at the party rooms that I totally missed the masquerade and the subsequent pictures. Oh well, sorry about that… […]

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CONvergence Con 2010

      [July 01-04, 2010 Convergence 2010] Convergence was excellent as usual. Jill (JAR) from Illinois made it and so did Tina (my LosCon buddy Nathan’s sister) from California. Charissa and Shelly from Indiana didn’t make it due to a SNAFU at the Indiana airport. A lot of costumes, so that’s always a good […]

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CONvergence 2005

      [July 1 – July 3, 2005, TGN, Minneapolis, MN] Another Convergence with a ton of room parties. There were so many room parties, there were three floors worth of room parties (as opposed to the normal two floors worth). There weren’t too many costumes this time though. And, no costume really hit […]

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CONvergence 2003

      [July 4 through 6, 2003, TGN, Minneapolis, MN] Well, well well. Another great CONvergence con! The only things that remains are the pictures – but hey, that’s what web sites are for. This CONvergence was more exciting than last year, if memory serves correctly. (Why aren’t the any pics from 2002 you […]

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