Capricon XVIII 1998


[February 6-8, 1998: TGN, Rosemont, IL] “Capricon XVIII” was fun! Yours truly won the best costume of Capricon (as Borg, of course)! You can click on the mini-Borg picture above to get a full size photo… There were 600+ attendees putting the con in the “well attended” category. However, there seems to be a major lack of room parties, only 5 on Friday and 3 on Saturday.

There seemed to be a preponderance medieval and renaissance costumed people, a trend which does not seem to be diminishing. Well, I didn’t bring my camera (yes, I am a moron), so I don’t have any pictures. Hopefully, someone will submit some to me and I will post them. And, the official eZine-TGN Con Rating is in: 5.0 out of 10.

Capricon XVIII 1998


General’s 16th Annual New Year’s Eve Party 1997


[December 31, 1997: TGN, Des Plaines, IL] “The 16th Annual New Year’s Eve Party (NYEP) and Costumes Of Course” was a smashing success. There were 40 attendees making the party rather festive. Partygoers were treated to drumming of the Japanese taiko by Patty Adachi and the African djembe by John Yost.

At midnight, we had a phenomenal dry ice effect throughout the house. The first wave left around 2:30am and the rest of the crew went around 4:30am. And, the official eZine-TGN Party Rating is in: 9.0 out of 10! This is a real good rating which we haven’t seen in many years.