Key West Food and Wine Fest 2019

[January 23 thru 27, 2019 Key West, FL, US]

Key West Food and Wine Fest 10th Year Anniversary! Met old friends and met new ones. Always fun in the sun. Almost – it was more cloudy and rainy weather-wise but fun and spirit-wise, it was as good as always! Here are some pictures from the event, click on the pic below or the link under the pic!

Key West Food and Wine Fest 2019

New Year’s Eve 2018 Washington DC River Cruise

[December 31, 2018 Alexandria, VA, US]

New Year’s Eve 2018 was spent in Washington DC onboard one of the two dozen or so remaining operational paddle boats, the “Cherry Blossom”. It was a rainy and foggy night. Very foggy. In fact is was soooo foggy, you could not see the fireworks at midnight! Just bright flashes in the sky. At the very very end, we saw five or six faint fireworks. I think this was the first time I have been fogged in during a fireworks display…

That was fun in itself, as it was a totally different experience: on a paddle boat, in the middle of the Potomac, visibility near zero and you knew there were other boats out there… To top it off, as more and more fireworks were set of, the more and more dense it got. Eerie kinda cool.

Inside the mood was very festive, with the three hour cruise (10:00pm to 1:00am). There was a ton of sandwiches and finger foods including dessert. There was no shortage of food, which was different – I expected the food to run out just like most large events. Nope, food was there all throughout the cruise. And of course beer, wine, and spirits too. All included in one price. Oh and sparkling wine at midnight of course. So it was a fun fun cruise.

The paddle boat, the Cherry Blossom, is open to a public cruise only twice a year – New Year’s Eve and July 4th. So, if I am in DC on the 4th, I will definitely do the cruise again, and this time (hopefully) no fog! Here are some pictures from the cruise (click on the pic or the link to view them all):

New Year’s Eve 2018 Washington DC River Cruise

Here is information on the paddle boat, Cherry Blossom.

David Duchovny Event Dec 8 and 9 2018 Studio Recording, Lunch, Rehearsal, Performance

08-Dec-2018 to 09-Dec-2018 Nashville, TN, US

As you all know, I recently won the Hilton Honors/Live Nation auction for the recording session, lunch, rehearsal and performance of David Duchovny and his band. I arrived on Thursday and checked into the Hilton Nashville Downtown. Later that day, I went out onto Broadway and checked out various bars and restaurants up and down the road.

Friday was an early start. I went to Blackbird Studio to meet up with the Hilton Honors and Live Nation crew. There were five of us that were the winners of the auction. We got wired up with mics and got set to be videotaped for the whole day with David Duchovny. As soon as I get the video, I will share it with all of you here.

Out on Broadway in Nashville ⋄ Copyright © 2018 by StarkRavingNomad ⋄ All rights reserved

First, we were greeted by the band (they are totally friendly and cool), then by David. Next, we went into the recording studio where we all enjoyed a great moment watching him recording a single. Next, we had catered lunch and the five of us chatted with David Duchovny. He was really cool. After lunch, the five winners from Hilton Honors got interviewed for the video. Finally that day, we went over to the performance venue and watched David and his band rehearse.

At the Blackbird Studios Nashville, TN, US ⋄ Copyright © 2018 by StarkRavingNomad ⋄ All rights reserved

The infamous Studio C at Blackbird ⋄ Copyright © 2018 by StarkRavingNomad ⋄ All rights reserved

Recording booth where David will be recording shortly ⋄ Copyright © 2018 by StarkRavingNomad ⋄ All rights reserved

David Duchovny in the recording booth ⋄ Copyright © 2018 by StarkRavingNomad ⋄ All rights reserved

HiltonHonors Auction winners with David Duchovny ⋄ Copyright © 2018 by StarkRavingNomad ⋄ All rights reserved

Copyright © 2018 by StarkRavingNomad ⋄ All rights reserved

Copyright © 2018 by StarkRavingNomad ⋄ All rights reserved

Rehearsal ⋄ Copyright © 2018 by StarkRavingNomad ⋄ All rights reserved

The following day, we went to the performance along with a sold-out crowd at the Analog Room in the Hutton Hotel, a few minutes away by car from the Hilton Hotel. 🙂 Here are a bunch of pics from the weekend experience (click on the pictures or in the link below to see more):

The Concert ⋄ Copyright © 2018 by StarkRavingNomad ⋄ All rights reserved

To see more pictures, click here:

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Who’s Fox Mulder?

Today I will talk a little bit about Fox Mulder, an FBI Agent assigned to the Violent Crimes Unit. David Duchovny portrays this character in one of my favorites TV series: “X Files.” Mulder is a troubled man obsessed by the disappearance of his sister. His high intellectual profile highlights among his colleagues and is graduated with first class honors from the University of Oxford with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. Then, he participates as an outstanding student in the Quantico FBI Training Academy in 1984. While his career advances, Mulder gets involved in cases related to the paranormal.

Watching the series, I enjoyed the work of Fox Mulder and his partner, the agent Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson), an instructor at the FBI Academy’s Forensic Science Research and Training Center, investigating a series of mysterious cases applying scientific theories in a particular matter called “The X-Files.”

Check the X-Files Trailer:

Richard Roszko is meeting Dave Duchovny in Nashville! (Updated)

On December 8, I will be to meeting Dave Duchovny and his band in Nashville, thanks to Hilton Honors. The legendary Fox Mulder of the X-Files TV Series is presenting his successful singles, accompanied by his talented musicians on December 9. I will have lunch with David and will attend to his private dress rehearsal before the concert. David Duchovny recorded his first album, “Hell or High Water”, in 2015, receiving good critical reviews.

Check this link, if you want learn more.


I’ve never watched the TV Series, Californication (2007-2014). However, it seems so interesting that I’ve done some reading about it. Californication tells the story of Hank Moody, a famous New York novelist who suffers a lack of inspiration because of the success of his latest bestseller (God Hates Us All). Later on, his novel is adapted to produce a movie. This event encourages Hank to move from New York to Los Angeles with his girlfriend, Karen. During the filming, Hank Moody realizes that the film adaptation is different than his book. The lifestyle in Los Angeles changes his views. It affects his relationship with Karen, falling into a spiral of sex and alcohol.

Californication is a story that keeps the protagonist on the edge of the abyss, with a huge desire to get the more out of life.

David Duchovny as Hank Moody in Californication (Season 7, Episode 1). – Photo: Jordan Althaus/SHOWTIME.

Watch Californication, Official Trailer (Season 1):

The X-Files, The Revival!

In this issue, will write about the X-Files seasons revivals. Fourteen years after finishing the season 9, and eight years after shooting the film (X-Files: I Want to Believe), the Fox network launched a new season of X-Files in 2016. This season is exciting. Mulder and Scully get back to action after the FBI closed the X-Files unit. In the first chapter, a conspiration theorist turns to Mulder and Scully concerned about a supposed government conspiracy. The Season 10 was launched in 2016 with six episodes.

On April 20, 2017, the Fox network officially announced that The X-Files would be returning for an eleventh season of ten episodes. This season started in January 2018. In the first episode, Scully is hospitalized because of a seizure. In this event, she has a vision of the future that involved her son with Mulder and herself. Then, someone called “The Smoking Man” reveals that some DNA impregnated Scully during an abduction.

This new stage of the X-Files is full of action!

Watch the Season 10 Trailer:

…and check out the Season 11 Trailer:

David Duchovny and his Musical Career

I was reading about the David Duchovny musical’s career. He started in music four years before releasing his first album (Hell or High Water). David learned to play the guitar and then, he has built a musical career with discipline.

This story started when Brad Davidson, president of the Boston label ThinkSay Records, heard the first demos of David. He immediately noticed his influences: R.E.M, Bob Dylan, Flaming Lips, and Leonard Cohen. Weather is the backing band of David Duchovny, consisting of Berklee musicians. Colin Lee, a member of this band, is the producer of David’s musical career.

David Duchovny’s music presents a folk rock, alternative rock, and country music sound.

Check the song “Every Third Thought,” played in Paste Studios, NY (1/29/2018)

“Hell or High Water”, The Debut Studio Album

Now, I’m listening to Hell and Highwater, a song of the first studio album of David Duchovny and his band. This album was recorded by ThinkSay Records in 2015. Duchovny enters the front door in music, with great influences like Lou Reed, The Beatles, and Bob Dylan. Of these big stars, David took his first steps in guitar. David Duchovny is mainly a poet who found his way of expression in music. David is also a novelist and songwriter.

This debut album has eleven songs written by David Duchovny and composed by the musicians of his backing band.

Hell or High Water Songs:

“Let It Rain”
“Hell or Highwater”
“The Things”
“The Rain Song”
“Undone Undone”
“Lately It’s Always December”
“Another Year”
“When the Time Comes”
“Positively Madison Avenue”

Watch David Duchovny singing “Hell or High Water” – Live at The Red Room @ Cafe 939