Key Largo, FL 2010


[Jan 07 – Jan 10, 2010, Key Largo, FL] Checking out Florida… Went to the Marriott Key Largo this time for the weekend. Got an upgrade to a huge two bedroom suite thanks to my Marriott Platinum status 🙂 Took a few pictures of the suite and the ocean view from my window. Good thing I went down to the small private beach on Friday… My favorite picture is the one I took looking up at the palm trees from the hammock. On Saturday, the weather turned awful – see last three pictures in the set. But I already had fun on Friday so it was okay.

Palm tree view from my hammock


New Years Eve Party at The Edison 2009


[December 31, 2009, Los Angeles, CA] The Edison is a steam punk bar/restaurant. This place is decked out to the max in “real” steampunk decor (as in, this used to be the power generation room of the building so it looks really industrial). About 90% of the people dressed up for the New Year’s Eve party – with over 70% in steam punk outfits. Live music by the premiere steam punk band, Abney Park! Please note, I didn’t use flash on most of the shots because it took too much of the atmosphere away, so the non-flash pics are a bit “soft”. The party has a rating of 10 out of 10.

Steam Punk band, Abney Park
at The Edison.


Biscayne Bay, FL 2009


[Dec 24 – Dec 27, 2009, Biscayne Bay, FL] Checking out Florida… Went to the Marriott Biscayne Bay for the weekend. First few shots are from my hotel room window. The rest of the shots were at night cruising down the canal by the cruise ship port on an dinner and drink cruise. It was nice and serene. A little bit on the cool side but was still warm enough (for me anyway)…

Port of Miami sign


St. Croix, USVI (US Virgin Islands) 2009


[November 21-23, 2009, St. Croix, USVI] So, the reason this is a short visit again is because St. Croix was a mileage run (to get miles on American Airlines so I can be “Executive Platinum” or “EXP” next year. As an EXP, you get upgraded to first class for free if there are any seats available. So it’s a humgo-benefit :).

Well, I flew in from ORD (Chicago, IL, USA) to SJU (San Juan, PR, USA). Then from SJU I flew on an ATR (GAG! Bad plane. Awful plane. This plane was banned from flying in cold/frigid/snowy weather! It is an unstable design and the pilot has to be an mega-expert to fly the stupid thing. Even the flight attendant I talked to on the plane hated the plane. And , the entire ATR fleet is falling apart. By the seams. Bad deal.) So anyway, I met Doctor Tina on the plane and we decided to explore the entire island the following day. (I was there only for one whole day, Tina was there for the whole week to scuba dive.) So, Tina and I went from the east most point of the island to the (almost) west most part of the island. It was totally fun! You can see the pictures in chronological order…

St. Croix, USVI


Halloween Orange County 2009


[October 30-31, 2009, Santa Anna, CA] So I didn’t know what to do for Halloween this year, so I was searching for Halloween parties on the web. Well, Halloween OC popped up a few times so I decided to pop in for one day. So I flew into the Santa Anna John Wayne Orange County airport. Yes, they have no idea what to call the airport anymore so they use all three names interchangeably.

Anyway the party was over-rated – it was a “pro con”, or professionally (meaning they charge an entrance fee) operated. They served drinks – way over priced. I mean they only had domestic-carbonated-colored-water (Bud and Bud Light) and charged $8 for a plastic cup. I did meet a few cool people there and took a few cool pictures, but the overall experience was ho-hum. I was going to fly in for their “New Year’s Eve” party there, but after that expedience, I’ll skip it.

And you’d think they would arrange taxis for pickup after the party (at the Orange County Fair Grounds) – I mean this isn’t the first or second time they did this. And no. Absolutely useless. Bad. So, I completely dis-recommend. I give this party/gathering/whatever a rating of 2 out of 10. SOme of the costumes were really great though…

Halloween Orange County 2009