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Portland Maine 31-Mar to 01-Apr 2017 Brewery Tours

[Mar 31 through April 02 2017, Portland, Maine, US]

So, it’s a weekend up in Portland – no, not Oregon; Portland, Maine. I went to a bunch of breweries. On Friday, March 31, 2017, I visited Allagash Brewery and Foundation Brewery. Allagash Brewery tour and of course sampled their current beers on tap. Interestingly, you can go to Allagash once a day and get their beer free. No refills, just once, but once per day everyday! Amazing. Then, Foundation Brewery was next. It was just across the street, so I just walked over. Had a flight at the Foundation brewery. No tour, just beer 🙂

Saturday was Main Brew Bus Tour time: – but it snowed… I called the Maine Brew Bus tors and asked them if the tour was still on. They said yes. So cool! Took Lyft downtown and waited for the others. Other than the guide and the bus driver, I was the only guy on the bus 🙂 It was a bachelorette party. Cool beans, so we all hopped on the bus and went to three Breweries.

Here are the pictures in order. Friday – Allagash, then Foundation, Saturday – Maine Brew Bus:

Maine Brew Bus, Portland Maine, US

Dirigo – cool brewery, right next to a river. Amazing place. Great beer of course. Banded Horn– no tour, just hung around and sample their beer. Barreled Souls– small batch brewery. Cool and amazing.

Panama City and Canal Feb 09-12 2017

[Feb 09-12 2017, Panama City and Canal, Panama]

So, another exciting adventure. Panama Canal! I hopped on a small (but fast) tour boat and did a “half-transit”. Tour bus up to Gamboa. Then onto the boat and headed down toward Panama City (Pacific Ocean). Here are the pictures (click on either one to see them all):

View from the Hotel InterContinental Panama

Map of the tour route – inland to the Pacific…

Jessie Jackson On The Plane

[Chicago, IL USA to Washington DC, USA 02-JAN-2016]

I had another random celebrity (and historical figure) encounter! Jessie Jackson was sitting next to me on a flight from ORD (Chicago O’Hare) to DCA (Reagan National Airport). I have bumped into random people here and there and but to spend two hours next to a historical personality is amazing!

No, we didn’t talk about politics. He made one comment on current affairs and we just talked about random things. I mostly didn’t say anything unless he spoke to me. I am sure he gets inundated from people all the time and I didn’t want to intrude. I mean, for example, while we were just sitting there, an ex-Attorney General from Alabama (no, I don’t recall his name) came up and chatted away to Jessie Jackson. He apologized to me for barging in, but I said – please, this is amazingly interesting, please do continue. It was just cool.

Planes, Trains, and Cardiff and Doctor Who Part 5 – BA Boeing 787 and AA Boeing 787

[29MAY – 05JUN 2016, Cardiff, UK]

Planes, Trains, and Cardiff and Doctor Who Part 5

Final Journey, everything must come to an end… And More.

Leaving Cardiff Central…

This paragraph is repeated in all five parts of this “Planes, Trains, and Cardiff and Doctor Who” posts, so if you read it once no need to read it four more times! Well, unless you want to. In 8 days, I went to, in order: DCA (Washington DC, USA) to ORD (Chicago) to LAX (Los Angeles) and stayed overnight there. Went from LAX to YVR (Vancouver) and hopped on a BA Airbus A380 to LHR (London). Then went on the Heathrow Express to Paddington. Caught the GWR (Great Western Railway) to Cardiff. Walked to Holiday Inn hotel next to the Principality Stadium. Went to Cardiff Castle. Hopped on the water taxi to Cardiff Bay. Walked over to the Millennium Centre. Then walked to the Doctor Who Experience (where I shot most of the pictures). Came back. Hopped on the water taxi and went back to the hotel. Then train from Cardiff Central to London Paddington. Walked to the Hilton Metropole hotel. Visited my old hangouts – Sherlock Holmes Pub by Charring Cross and then off to Waxy O’Connor’s by Piccadilly Square. Back to the hotel. Then Heathrow Express from Paddington to LHR. BA FIrst Class! Relaxed for an hour or so in the BA Concorde Club room, then off onto the BA Boeing 787 from LHR to SJC (San Jose). Then from SJC to LAX and stayed overnight at LAX. Then From LAX to ORD on an AA Boeing 787. Lastly went from ORD to DA and to my hotel and zonked out…

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