Theatrical release of “All Your Base: Last Of Last” in Los Angeles

[25-July through 01-August, 2019, Los Angeles, CA USA]

This is the second time I flew in to Los Angeles in one month! This time, it was to go to the theatrical release of my short film, All Your Base: Last Of Last (

All Your Base: Last Of Last has been in eight film festivals; but this is the official theatrical release of the short film at the Laemmle NoHo7 in Los Angeles, CA. How cool is that. Oh, not to mention, the film was uploaded to YouTube, so please go take a look: All Your Base LOL on Youtube.

Here are the pictures from the event, including a few pictures from the Kimpton Everly Hotel. Click the picture or link below for more…

“Alanna and These Fine Gentlemen” at the Kimpton Everly

Panama City and Canal Feb 09-12 2017

[Feb 09-12 2017, Panama City and Canal, Panama]

So, another exciting adventure. Panama Canal! I hopped on a small (but fast) tour boat and did a “half-transit”. Tour bus up to Gamboa. Then onto the boat and headed down toward Panama City (Pacific Ocean). Here are the pictures (click on either one to see them all):

View from the Hotel InterContinental Panama

Map of the tour route – inland to the Pacific…

Random Travel to Marriott, Orlando, FL February 2-5, 2012


[February 2-5, 2012 – Orlando, FL – USA]

Sometimes I have a to do list of going somewhere for some reason. Well, my “home” hotel is the Miami Airport Marriott right next to the Miami Airport in Florida. Since I have been there for a while, I know a bunch of the staff there.

One day, one of the bartenders. Martha, moved to Orlando and transferred her job to the Orlando Airport Marriott. I missed her going away party in Miami by just one day – and that was last year, so I was trying to go visit her since then.

So, I was plotting my flights and I tried Miami and it was expensive, so I tried Key West ans it was worse and then I tried Orlando and the trip was cheaper than just flying to Miami (meaning the DCA – MIA – MCO flight was cheaper than the DCA – MIA flight).

So I went to the Orland Marriott and visited Martha. Luckily she was working the one of the days I was there in the cafe so we chatted. I brought a note Ira (another bartender at Miami Marriott) had written out and gave it to Martha. She said she missed the Miami Marriottt (where it’s much more live and busier). So, I got a note from Martha and I’ll give it to Ira when I hit the the Miami Marriott next time.

Martha at the Orlando Marriott

Martha at the Orlando Marriott