Planes, Trains, and Cardiff and Doctor Who Part 1 – BA Airbus A380

[29MAY – 05JUN 2016, Cardiff, UK]

Planes, Trains, and Cardiff and Doctor Who Part 1

British Air Airbus A380 pictures… And more.

Planes, Trains, and Cardiff and Doctor Who Part 1

This paragraph is repeated in all five parts of this “Planes, Trains, and Cardiff and Doctor Who” posts, so if you read it once no need to read it four more times! Well, unless you want to. In 8 days, I went to, in order: DCA (Washington DC, USA) to ORD (Chicago) to LAX (Los Angeles) and stayed overnight there. Went from LAX to YVR (Vancouver) and hopped on a BA Airbus A380 to LHR (London). Then went on the Heathrow Express to Paddington. Caught the GWR (Great Western Railway) to Cardiff. Walked to Holiday Inn hotel next to the Principality Stadium. Went to Cardiff Castle. Hopped on the water taxi to Cardiff Bay. Walked over to the Millennium Centre. Then walked to the Doctor Who Experience (where I shot most of the pictures). Came back. Hopped on the water taxi and went back to the hotel. Then train from Cardiff Central to London Paddington. Walked to the Hilton Metropole hotel. Visited my old hangouts – Sherlock Holmes Pub by Charring Cross and then off to Waxy O’Connor’s by Piccadilly Square. Back to the hotel. Then Heathrow Express from Paddington to LHR. BA FIrst Class! Relaxed for an hour or so in the BA Concorde Club room, then off onto the BA Boeing 787 from LHR to SJC (San Jose). Then from SJC to LAX and stayed overnight at LAX. Then From LAX to ORD on an AA Boeing 787. Lastly went from ORD to DA and to my hotel and zonked out…

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At the LAX Airport


[February 20, 2012, LAX Airport, Los Angeles, CA – USA]

I was at a Mensa RG (Regional Gathering) in LA. No pictures there. But at the airport, I finally was at the right date and the right time to see the Qantas A380 cruise into the gate. I took a picture and was starting out the window from the AA Admiral’s Club and saw a Boeing 757 taxi by. I thought, cool, so I took another set of pictures. Then, a bus drove by. Talk about luck. SO now you can visually see how big the Airbus A380 really is… (Too bad I didn’t get a head on picture, the wingspan is ginormous.)

Qantas A380 at LAX

Qantas A380 at LAX with Boeing 757 for size comparison

Qantas A380 at LAX with Boeing 757 and bus for size comparison


Random Travel to Marriott, Orlando, FL February 2-5, 2012


[February 2-5, 2012 – Orlando, FL – USA]

Sometimes I have a to do list of going somewhere for some reason. Well, my “home” hotel is the Miami Airport Marriott right next to the Miami Airport in Florida. Since I have been there for a while, I know a bunch of the staff there.

One day, one of the bartenders. Martha, moved to Orlando and transferred her job to the Orlando Airport Marriott. I missed her going away party in Miami by just one day – and that was last year, so I was trying to go visit her since then.

So, I was plotting my flights and I tried Miami and it was expensive, so I tried Key West ans it was worse and then I tried Orlando and the trip was cheaper than just flying to Miami (meaning the DCA – MIA – MCO flight was cheaper than the DCA – MIA flight).

So I went to the Orland Marriott and visited Martha. Luckily she was working the one of the days I was there in the cafe so we chatted. I brought a note Ira (another bartender at Miami Marriott) had written out and gave it to Martha. She said she missed the Miami Marriottt (where it’s much more live and busier). So, I got a note from Martha and I’ll give it to Ira when I hit the the Miami Marriott next time.

Martha at the Orlando Marriott

Martha at the Orlando Marriott