Provincetown, MA Adventure May 18-21 2017

[May 18-21 2017, Provincetown, MA, US]

Okay, I was on a real puddle jumper. One pilot, no co-pilot. Crammed into a Cessna 402C on Cape Air – from Boston to Provincetown, MA. It was amazingly totally cool. I was going there to a new science fiction con (Nauticon) I haven’t been to. The flight was the best. Provincetown was amazing. The very tip of Massachusetts 🙂 (Click on the last picture below to see more amazing pictures…)

The only picture I took st the science fiction convention was this – the bottles we tasted at the Scotch tasting. (That was super great. Had a “can only get in Scotland” bottle, the leftmost, that the presenter brought back from Scotland. I tossed the program guide and I don’t recall his name so apologies for that.)

So that is how close I was sitting – right behind the pilot:

BOS to PVC flight on a Cessna 402C

Long Island Adventure April 27-30 2017

[April 27-30 2017, Long Island, NY, US]

The weekend was great, but it was airplane delays coming and going…

Where to begin…

So I was going to JFK. So were my instant at-the-airport buddies below. They were going to San Juan to beach away the weekend. The flight was supposed to leave at 5:05. Didn’t happen. (JFK sucks, more than 50% of the planes going in from DCA are severely delayed or cancelled outright.) They had to get rerouted through Dallas and lost (at least) a day. Me, I had to go to JFK so I hung around. Got in at 3:00am at the hotel. It was not cool. Oh well – that was Thursday.

Met up with Mike and Melissa on Friday and went to two Long Island distilleries:

Then we went to the Montauk Point Lighthouse on Saturday all the way at the tail end of Long Island just before the gig:

And, the reason for the visit was a CD release party for the Walk-A-Bout band, at which Mike was playing bass guitar for – at the famous Stephen Talkhouse. Here are the pictures in order (click on pic or the link below the pic):

Long Island Adventure with Mike and Melissa and Walk-A-Bout

Portland Maine 31-Mar to 01-Apr 2017 Brewery Tours

[Mar 31 through April 02 2017, Portland, Maine, US]

So, it’s a weekend up in Portland – no, not Oregon; Portland, Maine. I went to a bunch of breweries. On Friday, March 31, 2017, I visited Allagash Brewery and Foundation Brewery. Allagash Brewery tour and of course sampled their current beers on tap. Interestingly, you can go to Allagash once a day and get their beer free. No refills, just once, but once per day everyday! Amazing. Then, Foundation Brewery was next. It was just across the street, so I just walked over. Had a flight at the Foundation brewery. No tour, just beer 🙂

Saturday was Main Brew Bus Tour time: – but it snowed… I called the Maine Brew Bus tors and asked them if the tour was still on. They said yes. So cool! Took Lyft downtown and waited for the others. Other than the guide and the bus driver, I was the only guy on the bus 🙂 It was a bachelorette party. Cool beans, so we all hopped on the bus and went to three Breweries.

Here are the pictures in order. Friday – Allagash, then Foundation, Saturday – Maine Brew Bus:

Maine Brew Bus, Portland Maine, US

Dirigo – cool brewery, right next to a river. Amazing place. Great beer of course. Banded Horn– no tour, just hung around and sample their beer. Barreled Souls– small batch brewery. Cool and amazing.

London with Friends Feb 16 thru 20 2017

[Feb 16-20 2017, London, England, UK]

London, my favorite place to just hang around and do nothing 🙂 Met up with Flash – finally- tried to coordinate with him for years. And met up with Paula and Douglas. Only five pictures. Falsh had to leave eralier to catch a train so he miised his after dinner chocolate – hence the picture of the chocolate…

Dinner with Friends at Mughal’s by Paddington Station