by allyourbaselol on December 2, 2013

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Check out the “All Your Base: Last of Last”, an animated remake of “ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US” is now live on Kickstarter! Help fund the project! Thank you for your support!

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Chicago TARDIS 2013

by theGeneral on December 8, 2013

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[Nov 29, 2013 - Dec 1, 2013, Lombard, IL, , US]

I didn’t take any picture of any of the guests – except Colin Baker, and that was by pure accident. He was walking down the hall and he decided to stop and kiss a Dalek. Luckily I was right there with my camera. I talked to Nicola Bryant for a bit, but sorry, no pics there…

However, I did get a few great costumes. There were waaaay more than I have here, but this is a great sampling…

All of the doctors – from Chicago TARDIS


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CONvergence 2013

by theGeneral on July 14, 2013

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[July 04-07, 2013 - Minneapolis, MN, US]

Convergence was packed. It was insane. On Thursday, July 4, practically the entire con attendees descended into the hotel. 5000 people in the reg line from 11:00am till about 7:00pm. If you got stuck in the line, average wait time was 4 hours! Of course I skipped the line until is was barren, like around 8pm-ish.

With over over 6500 attendees, the 40 party rooms were crowded. Um, that’s an understatement. People, people, people just everywhere, all in the same place. The con had to make the hallways one-way only because of the massive crowds. People were saying that they need to get a bigger hotel, but I don’t know of any hotel that works as well for all of the nice lined up party rooms. The best costume I saw was Madame Vastra (took her 9 months to complete) and Jenny from Doctor Who. Click on the picture or link to see the rest:

Madame Vastra and Jenny from Doctor Who – Convergence 2013.


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The Curse of Too Many Web Sites

by theGeneral on June 21, 2013

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“The Curse of Too Many Web Sites” No, it’s not a movie. It’s just that I have too many web sites that need to be constantly updated. But I am working on two animated movies: Dreadnought: Invasion Six at (feature length) and All Your Base LOL at (short film).

The latest is that, I am late on posting more convention pictures. Sorry about that. I have been working on Dreadnought then I switched in mid-stream and working on All Your Base LOL. So the update on that is, as follows. It’s All Your Base LOL first. It will be Flash animation in the style of “Archer”. It will have a fully orchestrated original score. All five parts will be played by known science fiction actors!

More at: So far the artwork has been completed for 3 of the 5 actors, as follows:

Lizzie Roper as “Operator” in All Your Base LOL:

Claudia Christian as “Mechanic” in All Your Base LOL:

Terry Molly as “CATS” in All Your Base LOL:


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Breakfast Run In – Mark Shields

by theGeneral on April 19, 2013

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[April 19, 2013, Arlington, VA - USA]

So, I went for coffee with colleagues this morning and bumped into Mark Shields :)

My favorite news – from way back when it was “The MacNeil Lehrer News Hour” on PBS with real pros “Gergen and Shields” for commentary. That was cool :)

Mark Shields and me


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[15-24 February 2013 - London, Nottingham and Lincoln, UK] For the past year, I have been collecting voice overs from various actors and actresses for my animated feature Dreadnought Invasion Six (

Recording six (mostly Doctor Who) actors/actresses in one week
(l to r) Katy Manning, Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant, Terry Molloy, Paris Jefferson, Lizzie Roper

Nicola Bryant (Peri Brown in Doctor Who) is the voice of Lord Doctor Elli Morsto.
Katy Manning (Jo Grant in Doctor Who) is the voice of Doctor Cassi Sharda.
Colin Baker (Doctor Who #6 in Doctor Who) is the voice of Sub Commander Ulrik Skye.
Terry Molly (Davros of the Daleks in Doctor Who) is the voice of [shhhh! secret!].
Paris Jefferson (Goddess Athena in Xena) is the voice of Second Line Eva Dansk.
Lizzie Roper (Top Dog in Dead Boss) is the voice of Second Line Senna Criton.

Photos by Nick Acott who it the official stills photographer for “Dreadnought: Invasion Six” in the UK. Please do not copy or re-distribute without permission. Copyright talcMedia Productions, Inc.

15-Feb-FRI Got a ticket to London. Was hoping to get upgraded from coach to Business Class. Didn’t happen, so canceled my ticket and used a massive number of points (it was last minute, I mean the flight was within hours) so it took 250,000 miles for the round trip ticket. Whoa! That hurt.

16-Feb-SAT Get into LHR Heathrow, hop on the Heathrow Express to Paddington, hit the District Line to Notting Hill Gate. Go to hotel. Unpack. Hit the tube again. Central line. Queensway to Oxford Circus, hop on Bakerloo to Charring Cross and go to my favorite pub, the Sherlock Holmes pub. Fish and chips and mushy peas with Guinness then Speckled Hen :) Sleep.

17-Feb-SUN Work on marking up scripts. Hit the road all over to find a pay as you go phone (way cheaper
than using a US based phone or carrier). Okay all set. Six actors and actresses in 3 days (2/2/2). I hope everyone shows up. I hope no one is late. Worried it will all fall apart… Dinner at hotel.

18-Feb-MON Pack stuff, go to The Sound Company. Nick the official photographer for the UK unit of “Dreadnought: Invasion Six” is already there. Excellent. Cool, Nicola Bryant shows up. Take pics, go into booth and record. More pics. Nicola is cool. I told her Katy is showing up if she want to wait and say hi. She said sure that would be fun. Katy Manning shows up. More pics. Katy is wonderful. Nicola and Katy chat and catch up real quick. Nicola has to run. Okay, off to record. Done. Hi, bye, pack up Rush to Oxford Circus, take the Victoria Line to King’s Cross St. Pancras station. Hop on the train to Nottingham. Hit the hotel, uppack. Hit the bar for one wine, sleep.

19-FEB-TUE I am in Nottingham. I decided to walk to the castle. Got in, wow nothing there. The entire thing was razed to the ground. You can see the outline in parts. Nothing to see. Bummer. But, down the hill is the oldest pub in England “Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem”. Purportedly, King Richard has frequented the pub. Cool. Got a Speckled Hen. Fish and chips again :) Bumped into a friendly people and met Mark O’Donnell and his family. We chatted for the longest time and I told him what I was doing and he gave me some leads on financing. Cool. (In fact, I got the last 25% of the film financed – just need the first 75% :)

20-FEB-WED Wake up, go from NOT to LCN (Lincoln) about 1 hour. Take a taxi to dB Studios. Nick the photographer shows up. Good. Meet the people there, and oh no, no Colin Baker! I call his agent and he said Colin will be late. I am like, okay, fine. Late is good. Wait. Wait. Wait. Colin shows up. Cool. Take pics. Warm up. Record. Done! Colin is funny. I recorded extra stuff and, well, I’ll make a short animated film of that. You will die. Sooo good. Anyway, I tell Colin if he wanted to wait a bit, Terry Molly will pop in. He said, oh great, haven’t seen him in a bit. Terry Molloy shows up and the two of them start chatting away like best buds. It was neat to be there. Take pics. They were going on and on for fifteen minutes and I had to interrupt and said I need to record Terry. Colin said something to the effect of “You kicking me out?” And I said “Sorta, kinda…” Nothing like kick the Doctor out! Too funny. It was fun. More pics. Off to record. Great. It was great. Said goodbye to everyone and off to LCN station back to NOT (Nottingham). Get back to hotel, sleep.

21-FEB-THU Wake up. Pack up. Taxi to NOT back to King’s Cross St. Pancras. Get there. Hop on the Victoria Line again to Oxford Circus. Dump stuff at hotel and go back to The Sound Company. Paris Jefferson shows up. She’s cheery. Cool. Pics. I am not the type to smile much and Paris didn’t like that so she tickled me as Nick was taking pictures. So I posted that one. Hit the studio. Recorded. Done! Said bye to Paris. That was cool :) Lizzie Roper is there already. Cool, pics. Record lines. Oh, and can you do this other script? Sure. Wow , this will be cool. I have all the voices for my short animated film too.

22-FEB-FRI Packed, checked out of hotel, hopped on the Bakerloo from Oxford Circus to Charring Cross and hit the Trafalgar Hilton. Zoned out… I don’t remember what I did.

23-FEB-SAT Last day! I decided to go take a pic of the London Eye, it’s just a quick walk. The I decided to go to The Harp but lost and ended up at the Liecester Tube station. Eh. Hopped on the tube, Piccadilly Line to Piccadilly Circus. Bakerloo line to Baker Street. Walked down to 221B Baker Street to the Sherlock Holmes Museum and his “quarters”. There was a line to get in. I just took a few pics and hopped back on the Bakerloo to Charring Cross. While walking around, I accidentally bump into The Harp. Cool. Have a few drinks and off I went to Sherlock Holmes Pub at Charring Cross for one last time. Sleep…

24-FED-SUN Wake up. Pack. Charring Cross to Paddington on the Bakerloo, then onto the Heathrow Express to Heathrow. Check in. Food and drinks on the plane. Sleep. Done!

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[December 31, 2012 - Arlington Heights, IL, US] Here are pictures from the the General’s LAST (as in really last) 27th Not Annual Anymore Post-Mayan Zombie Steampunk Apocalypse New Year’s Eve Party from December 31, 2012.

Post-Mayan Zombie Steampunk Apocalypse
New Year’s Eve Party pics by The General

The party was at the Doubletree Hotel in Arlington Heights, Illinois. The Theme was Post Mayan Apocalypse Zombie Steampunk.

Post-Mayan Zombie Steampunk Apocalypse
New Year’s Eve Party pics by LAMP

Story line was that the Central Lake District was being run over by a horde of zombies and the North American command gave up on the Central District and moved the military units toward the west coast, concentrating on the West-HQ in Vancouver and East-HQ along several coastal cities. The EuroAsian Russian Federation commandeered the LZ129 luxury zepplin and decided to pick up the survivors of the devastation.

Post-Mayan Zombie Steampunk Apocalypse
New Year’s Eve Party pics by Dorothy

Over forty people reportedly contacted the landing zone but only about two dozen showed up. No problem we lifted off and had a party celebrating the Post Mayan Zombie Apocalypse…

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Steamcon IV Oct 26-28 2012

by theGeneral on November 4, 2012

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[Oct 26-28 2012 - Seattle, WA - USA]

I haven’t been hitting conventions or traveling to “exotic” places of interest this year. So much less to report than usual. Maybe I’ll pick up next year…

I did go to Steamcon IV; however, this is a repeat con so I usually don’t take as many pictures as if it were a new one. SO his is my paltry presentation (sorry):

Steamcon IV Oct 26-28 2012


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[July 14, 2012 - Moline, IL - USA]

There was a pre-re-union event on Friday that included other classes but I didn’t go. Coincidentally my dad flew in from Arizona to visit friends up here so I had dinner with my dad and company.

Saturday, went to my 35th Annual Moline Senior High School Re-Union in Moline, Illinois. Dawn Schwartz arranged for a pre-re-union get-together for the MHS band members, so about a dozen of us showed up for that. Dawn volunteered to picked me up at my hotel and chauffeured me to the pre-event event. The first batch of pictures are from that event.

After that was done, some of us dropped out, but most of us went to the official re-union at Stoney Creek Inn in Moline. About 200ish showed up. I knew about a fifteen people or so. HUng around and talked to a bunch and took half-a-ton of pictures. Hope I got almost everyone at least once. If not, sorry…

MHS Class of 1977 Re-Union 2012


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My comic book series, Dreadnought: Invasion Six, has been converted to an electronic Graphic Novel. Date of Publication: July 14, 2012. You can preview the first 32 pages the story here on this site: Dreadnought: Invasion Six first 32 pages

You can buy the eGraphic Novel
which includes a never-seen-before Epilogue here:

You need to use a Kindle FIre; or the free Kindle apps for Apple and Android units. (Since it’s a graphic novel, it probably won’t work well on phones, but it should work well on tablets.) If you are a Amazon Prime customer, you can ‘borrow’ it for free. If you want to buy it, it’s currently priced at $5.99.



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